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CFAHome is the web portal for the employees of chick-fil-a. Login to your account to manage the employee schedule and also to check the Employee Payslips or Payroll. Chick Fil A Employees must login with their credentials to access their Cfahome accounts section in cfahome.com . New users aren't allowed to sign up in the portal. To create the @CFAHome account you need to contact the support and follow the same.

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How to Login to CFAHome Account

The Employee of Chick-fil-A Inc. organization, can log into your existing account to access all services such as schedules, calendar, payslips, and other related real-time information. If you're having an existing account holder, you can follow below steps as follows:
  • Open the cfahome web portal  on your browser
  • Once you've opened the web page of CFAHome Login, you can view the fields including user id and password. 
  • Accordingly, you need to provide valid details such as log-in id and password on the respective fields in chick fil a login Page.
  • In the next step, you can tap on the login button in order to access all services on behalf of an employee at CfA Home company. 
By following above mentioned steps, you can easily log into your account through the www.cfahome.com using a desktop or tablet or mobile device. 

Chick-fil-A Inc. Corporation is the largest quick service chicken restaurant chain in the United States of America. It has expanded for more than 2000 locations in 46 states and supported by the leading brands and award winning restaurant designs. Accordingly, it has been implemented a web portal specifically for its employees. Through this online portal, employees can able to access all provided information by the company including employee schedules, payslips, and more.

How to Create an Account for CFA Home

To register for CFA events or accessing the webcasts or podcasts or become a member of the CFA Home, you should have an account. For that, you need to create an account if you don't have already. You can easily create a new account within a couple of moments. 

By providing the information like your email address and name, a password that meets the criteria, and one challenge question which adds a layer of security to access the account on cfahome.com. 

Once you've provided all these details, you will receive an email confirmation message to your registered email id. By clicking on that link, you can do confirmation of your account at CFA website. However, you should make a note that you didn't get any confirmation to your email address if you've already an account. 


Chick-fil-A organization is specifically popular for selling chicken across the United States of America. But, the services are not available on Sundays so that means employees can go spend their time with the families. Manage at CFAHome


The company always strives to provide the efficient services to its customers with the help of employees. The main features of the Chick-fil-A Inc. included inventing the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich, upstream ordering, restaurant design, fresh food prep, upcycling, and parenting friendly menus. 

Restaurant Design

CFA serving the communities for more than 2100 restaurants across the nation. Based on that, customers can able to find the Chick-fil-A restaurants in the shopping malls, airports, college campuses, thousands of busy streets, and many other places. Chick-fil-A restaurant was the primary one to purchase and eating at in-store location as well. These restaurant designs are attractive for most of the customers. Based on that, recently it has received a recognition from a California restaurant design among the likes of design icons such as Apple, Lululemon, and Ralph Lauren. 

Upstream Ordering

In order to cope-up with the fast-paced life style environment of the urbon customers, it has been created a new and quickest way to serve them using iPads to take online orders within a couple of moments and a couple of clicks. This way is called as upstream ordering.

Fresh Food Prep

Chick-fil-A has adapted an approach that named as cook less and more often method. Through this technique, it serves the customers with fresh food preparation as possible by creating a new ways while without wasting the food quantity. This really leads the company to gain more profits and good customer satisfaction. 

Parenting Friendly Menus

It will give more options for the parents to select the meals for their children. That's the reason, it was the first restaurant which offering a fruit cup and grilled entree. After that, it has expanded its services to provide the organic and soda-free options especially for kid's meals. 


The organization is committed to provide the green environment. In pertinent to this, it has made the restaurant team member polos with rPET fabric from recycled plastic bottles. As of now, it had reclaimed and repurposed more than 5.3 million plastic bottles into the shirts for team members. 

Chick-fil-A National Partnerships

The company has maintained a partnership with many brands to expand its services. It has partnered with the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, Peach Bowl Challenge, College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Fan Experience, and Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game. You access the same at cfahome.com

Franchising and Licensing

For more than Chick-fil-A restaurants across all over the country, it is serving the hand-breaded chicken sandwiches, genuine hospitality, and hot waffle fries. Behind every restaurant across the country, there is a franchise owner or operator who are bringing entrepreneurial spirits for building businesses and communities. So, it is looking for the franchise owners who are having out-of-box thinking to expand the services of Chick-fil-A restaurants. 

Become a Franchisee Operator at Chick-fil-A

If you're interested to become a franchisee owner or if you do have skills to manage the restaurant, you can get an opportunity from the company. At initial phase, it will give you a financial fee of $10,000 to operate a respective franchise business. It requires an individual who will be free of any other venture businesses and operate the restaurant in a full time and hands-on basis. 

In prior to take the operation of a franchisee operator at Chick-fil-A, he or she must be completed the extensive and multi-week training program. So that, they can easily handle the issues and reap the rewards for challenging business with the additional developmental courses and franchisee support. It is a great opportunity for the people who are looking for:
  • A full time and hands-on business. 
  • Have successfully managed your personal finances. 
  • Have a proven tracking record of business leadership. 
  • A result-oriented self starter who are interested in participating in the business. 
  • Are prepared to have no other active business venture. 
In contrary, this is not the right opportunity for the candidates who are:
  • Seeking a passive investment in a business. 
  • Requesting that Chick-fil-A built at a specified location. 
  • want to sell the property to the organization. 
  • Seeking multi-unit franchise opportunities. 

Licensing Opportunities

Chick-fil-A licensing opportunities specifically applicable for licensed food service providers and self-operated food service providers in universities, college campuses, airports, healthcare utilities, or business and industry venues. You should make a note that licensing opportunities are not applicable for individuals. The brand requirements subsuming licensing contract agreement with established food service companies, should be closed on sundays and closed on Christmas. 

Chick-fil-A Mobile App

The mobile app is a one-stop shop for the customers who want to order for items on Chick-fil-A on online. Through this app, you can easily tap on desired items and do shop for them. You can also even customize the meals based on new ways and it will remember them for easier ordering on future deals. 

Every time you're ordering for items, you will not only get a bypass the line but also you will make the progress toward receiving free treats. When you're using the app on your mobile device, you will have a QR code. You need to scan that code at the counter and drive-thru to get closer to your next treat. You will receive free food when the circle fills with the red color. 

Accordingly, you can always check your treats whether they are available now, or expired soon, or redeemed through your online profile. If you've received a treat, you can add it to a mobile order or scan it at the restaurant to use it. 

More Exclusive Benefits from the App

You can share your experience or rate your redeemed and expired treats which may helpful you to receive free food tailored to your tastes. It is a way of rewarding the customers. It has also added other new and even more enjoyable features to the app that will make ordering more easier than ever. Available features included all the ways you can pay and personalized treats especially for you. If you need any help to set up a Chick-fil-A account or redeeming your treats online with the app, you can send an email to the customer service team. 

It will help you to get rid of the issues when creating an account. Treats are way of saying thanks for using the Chick-fil-A. You will earn a treat from the company each time after filling out the treat tracker. These treats can be redeemed at any participating restaurant. 

Once you've filled out the treat tracker, you will get an app notification that says you've received a treat from the company. Under the treats section of the app or website, your treat will be appeared. If you've enabled the push notifications, you will get to view push notification about your treats. 

Earn Progress Rewards

You can earn progress rewards from Chick-fil-A based on active participation in the purchasing of items on the app or scan the QR code while purchasing. The progress rewards will be depended on the spending and moves differently with the treat. If you eat more chicken, you will get more reward treats. 

Team Member Opportunities

Most of the Chick-fil-A restaurants are working independently and operated. However, the employees who are worked under owners or operators not by the Chick-fil-A Inc. To verify the employment details of current or former team member, you can contact the owner or operator of the restaurant where individual is working or most recently worked. 

The franchise operators are continuously searching for bright and service-oriented individuals. As an independent business owner, you have reserved a right to take hiring decisions on your own without relying on the company or any other team. In order to get an additional employment information, you can contact the operator of the restaurant. 

Corporate Opportunities

If you want to learn more skills regarding Chick-fil-A Inc., you can view open positions and apply for them whatever you want to learn. For that, you need to create your own profile on the website and submitting your resume on the careers page. You will be notified with the status of your submission within three weeks. If your skills are well suited for the open position, it will send you a link to fill out the online application. 

Once it has determined your application, it will confirm whether you're eligible or fit to the particular job opportunity. The talent acquisition team will contact you to schedule for further steps. Each year, it offers a 10-week summer internship programme for students who are working or undergraduate and graduate degrees. However, these internships are paid and students need to work for 40 hours per week at the support centre of the organization. These opportunities are varied for year to year and internships are mostly available the areas of a business. 

To learn more about career opportunities that reflect your skill set and interests, you can visit the careers web page of the company. To become an intern at Chick-fil-A Inc., you need to submit your updated resume beginning in the September. It's better to apply for the positions as early as possible because it is filled the positions by December. You can check out the schools' career services office or the academic advisor to determine the school's policy regarding the course credit. 

To assist the interns, it will provide the temporary housing and offer a housing stipend. With the help of online website information, you can get to know how t become a supplier or vendor for this organization. You can create an account at Chick-fil-A corporation by using a mobile app or visit the website. If you would like to edit the profile, you can sign into your account. On your web browser, please click on sign in button or click on edit option.